Press Release: Miura Golf’s CB-501 Forged Irons Honored as 2012 Editors Choice Players Irons

 Miura Golf’s CB-501 Forged Irons Honored as 2012 Editors Choice Players Irons

Vancouver, B.C. Canada – Noted golf media website – – a website that publishes news, articles, blogs, and reviews on golf news and golf equipment, has awarded Miura Golf’s CB-501 forged irons its Editors Choice recognition. It’s an annual award in which, to use GolfWRX’s editors’ words, “our product reviews team recognizes golf equipment of the highest quality, design, and performance.”

” We’re very pleased and gratified that the editors of GolfWRX, a site which has shown so much dedication to putting out detailed, correct golf equipment information, have seen fit to recognize one of our most popular models,’ said Adam Barr”, president of Miura Golf. “Information is the first tool in club shopping and club fitting, and GolfWRX has done an enthusiastic job of leading in this area.”

“Miura has long been known as a company steeped in timeless tradition and unsurpassed quality”, said Richard Audi, president of “With a history of using the finest materials and impeccable craftsmanship, it is no surprise that Miura rose to the top of our Editors’ Choice Awards in the iron category. Miura’s attention to detail, looks, playability and feel are unparalleled in the golf industry. The Miura CB-501 set has proven itself at the highest professional level and will fit perfectly in the bag of both the aspiring golfer and accomplished player. Congratulations Miura Golf, GofWRX 2012 Editors’ Choice Players Iron.”

The CB-501- which boasts a W nickel (satin) chrome finish – is available in a 3-iron through pitching wedge set, right-hand only. The CB-501 can be tested by visiting to locate the closest Miura dealer. Miura Golf distributors outside of North America include Golfballistix (Belfast), Golf Partners (Hong Kong) and Torque Golf (Singapore).

Like all Miura irons, the mild-steel CB-501s are hand precision-forged and custom crafted by Katsuhiro Miura, Miura Golf Inc.’s 69-year-old founder, whose forged clubmaking skills over the past 50 years have prompted the Japanese to claim he has “the Hands of God.” Mr. Miura is director of manufacturing and product development at his Japanese company, Miura Giken Co. Ltd., which operates manufacturing facilities in Himeji, Japan.

About Miura Golf Besides the new PP-9003, Miura Golf’s current product line also includes the CB-501 (Cavity Back Model); Blade (Tournament Blade Model); MC-102 (Mid-Size Cavity Model); CB-202 (Cavity Back Model); CB-301 (Cavity Model); and IC-2003 Utility Long Irons) irons; Wedges (Wedge Series and Black Wedge Series, each available in six lofts); Series 1957 By Miura Custom Grind Wedges; Small Blade model irons; Blade and Classic putters (two models); Precious Edition Driver, Fairway Wood and Utility Wood.

Miura Golf’s corporate office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Miura Golf clubs are sold at the finest custom-fitting shops in North America. The Miura brand is marketed exclusively by Miura Golf Inc., in the United States and North America. More information on Miura products can be found at


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Sunday Q&A: Club Talk with Miura Golf’s Adam Barr – – July 29, 2012

Sunday Q&A: Club Talk with Miura Golf’s Adam Barr

Written by Peter Suciu on 29 July 2012

Many companies make golf clubs, but for Miura Golf it goes much further. The company has a passion for crafting quality golf clubs, using advanced forging and CNC techniques that can help players of all levels have a better game.

Company president Adam Barr tells us how the company got into the swing of things.

KineticShift: What benefits does forged clubs have over other clubs? Adam Barr: Mostly, it’s feel. Players of all levels have reported for decades that well-made forged clubs transmit better vibrations to their hands at impact — and this is true for full-swing clubs as well as putters and wedges usually used on “partial-swing” shots. This helps players in two ways: first, it makes the strike more pleasurable and increases confidence over each shot. The knowledge that a solid feel is coming, instead of the fear that a clanky feel will result, helps players get the right attitude. Second, the increased quality of the feel gives more and better feedback to the hands and arms, so a player can know right away how well he hit the ball and, if necessary, make adjustments to refine his approach on that day.

KS: What benefits does the CNC process do to the clubs to ensure better performance? AB: Because the shaping is computer controlled, the shapes, edges, lines, and ratios can be manufactured to a very tight tolerance. In short, the head shapes are consistent, identical. So one KM-007 head is going to feel exactly like its siblings.

KS: The new KM-007 putters utilize low-carbon steel, so what does that offer? AB: Low carbon steel is malleable and not brittle, but there is enough carbon in it (generally under 4 percent) to give the steel enough strength to hold its shape. So you get the soft feel and adjustability for loft and lie, but enough strength to strike the ball and stay where it’s set. The same principle applies for our irons and wedges, which are also made of low carbon steel.

KS: Many club makers have looked to titanium and other lightweight materials, so what does steel offer over those metals? AB: Titanium has its uses, especially in metalwoods. That’s because titanium is about 40 percent lighter per unit of volume; that makes it great for heads that have to be big. For irons, though, it’s not so good, because head weight matters so much in making a nice, dense iron head that can be used in a custom fitted club. To get that weight in titanium, you would have to make the head too big to be attractive or useful. So steel, with its higher density, remains the best material for forged irons. It can be made dense enough, with a fine enough grain, to get to the proper weight and offer the “purity of the strike” feel that golfers crave and that Miura insists on.

Thank you to Adam for talking with us.

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