Mary Beth Lacy is everything that a golf company looks for in a publicist. She knows every writer on a personal level and caters to each writer based on their needs. These relationships get her clients a tremendous amount of coverage. She is always thinking about angles and creative ways to increase awareness. Her energy and drive is overwhelming. When she is generous enough to take you on as a client, she becomes an integral part of your company and within only a few months you think to yourself, how could I have not hired her sooner and where would this company be without her? She is simply the best.

David Shaffer
David A.  Shaffer – Director of Marketing  Imperial Headwear
It is clear Mary Beth Lacy knows how to get results.  She is very well connected in the golf industry and has a great reputation.  She pitches content to the golf media on behalf of her clients with passion and conviction.  Mary Beth is a golf public relations expert.”
 Joe Hall – Editor/Publisher of Tee Times Magazine 

“I realize our relationship is based on a few face to face meetings at the PGA show in the past, however I value that relationship and the fact that you stay in touch with me and every time I have ask you for content, photos or samples you have been quick to respond and that means a lot.  As a publisher of a golf monthly I try to present what I think golfers will like and you provide me with a wide choice of items to include in our publication.  You are great to work with and I will continue to help promote your companies in the future. ”

Bill Kennedy – Golf Columnist – The Sun Journal 

We played golf together almost 20 years ago and found out we had something in common.  Over the years, we have remained in contact.  Yes, I occasionally write something about one of your products.  But how many things have you done for me?  Way more than I have done for you. So, it was and is my pleasure to do something which makes you look good to a client.
That’s the way I see it on the first day of fall 2015.
 Claire Brunner – Marketing & Communications Devereux Golf

Mary Beth has played a very important role in our brand’s growth over the past year. She is extremely well connected in the golf industry and we’ve appreciate the care and attention she’s provided to our brand.

 George Fuller – Editorial Director Troon Golf & Travel & Troon Privé Connect

I told Bill how good you were to work with also, and how effective you are generating interesting story ideas on the products rather than just sending out generic PR releases.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ed Stone, Editor/Publisher

Ed Stone – Editor/Publisher

“You are most welcome.  I sincerely appreciate your help with all the great content you provide not only to the newsletter, but also to the website.It is sooooo great to deal with a PRO, like you…and, after some 50 years in this business, I think I can make a pretty good assessment.”

“I must say that working with people like you makes it all worthwhile.  Your responsiveness and attention to details are most appreciated…plus, your creative side of the business.  As you can tell from my background, I’m not a spring chicken (or roster in this case).  I’ve been around for lots of years and dealt with a lot of different people.  I teach a class at Vanderbilt each semester on “Relationship Building.”  You are a great example and could take my place as presenter…anytime.”


Ed Travis : National award winning golf journalist

“Sure – sounds interesting and if I like it, as I’m sure I will ‘cause you wouldn’t be associated with anything I wouldn’t like, and I will include in my infamous annual gift guide columns.

Thanks as always MB – I appreciate all you do…Ed”

Rick Limpert : “No. 1 sports technology writer in the U.S.” as recently named by Quantcast

“You rep good products and great guests.”



Andrew Glaser – CEO of ClubCrown

I have worked with many Public Relations firms over the years and Mary Beth’s hand on approach put her in an elite group. Her years of experience and contacts stand out immediately. However, I think what stands out to me the most, is not just her PR ability, but her vast knowledge of the industry, marketing ideas and call to action to get a return on your investment. When we brought Mary Beth on board, we not only hired a PR Firm we brought a key team member onboard.

Ross Kvinge – president of PowerBilt

Mary Beth, enjoy your time with family and thank you so much for supporting us. You are always amazing to us.
Ken Lee – Editor-in-Chief for

Ed Stone Says – I have to admit that it is a pleasure working with a real Pro

Ed Stone – Publisher for Golf Golf and Travel

Andrew Glaser’s response to full page coverage in USA Today – “MB, don’t kid us, we owed u forever way before this came out…”

Jeff Rendall – Publisher and Editor

I wish all PR folks were as efficient as you, MB. Would make my life much easier.

Andrew Glaser – CEO of ClubCrown

My pleasure! I appreciate how organized you are with your clients. Makes my life really easy. Will be in touch again soon–JR

Jeff Ritter – Golf Writer for Sports Illustrated

“Mary Beth understands how to tell her clients’ stories in a way people respond to — by making the important interesting — and how to generate effective results across today’s diverse media landscape.”

Don Shell Editor – Golf Time Magazine

Thanks Mary Beth. Likewise, you’re by far the best PR/golf person I work with

Ryan David – golf writer/editor for RD Golf Media

Congratulations, MB. A revered old brand which is on its way back with MBL!

John Ehle – Wisconsin golf writer

Thanks for all you do to make my job a little easier!

Bill Higgins, Sports Editor at Cape Cod Times


It is a pleasure working with Mary Beth. I have come to realize there are as many bad PR folks as there are sales people, so when you find someone who gets it, it is always a treat.

Linda Dillenbeck, Editor at


Fantastic work MB. In case we don’t tell you enough, your role in the success of our organization is critical.

Thanks again.

Wayne Mills – Freelance Golf Writer

terry jastrow productions

Mary Beth…this is absolutely unprecedentedly amazing. You’re going in the PR Hall of Fame. Thanks for all your hard work.

Terry Jastrow – President of Jastrow Productions

golf talk radio

Thank you all for your efforts on “Inking” this interview and making this happen. I believe you all know what a big fan I am of this incredible man [Tom Watson], and this will be one of the highlights of my media career. You guys ROCK! We now need to promote the heck out of this.

Billy Gibbs, PGA
The First Tee Coach
The First Tee National Life Skills Trainer
TFTCC Program Director
Co-Host Golf Talk Radio ESPN 1280

robb report

Mary Beth Lacy is a one-stop public relations shop for everything sports related, and then some. I couldn’t do my job without her invaluable help.

William Kissel
Fashion Editor, Robb Report
Contributing Editor, Celebrated Living

global golf post

Thanx for all you did for us. Wouldn’t be where we are without your help.

Jim Nugent, Global Golf Press


Thank you for the kind note, and also the gift card. You’re a total pro.

Wayne Freedman, San Francisco Chronicle and


With all you have to do, you continue to amaze me with your efficiency. Many thanks.

Bill Kennedy, New Jersey Times


Thanks, MB. Again, you set the standard for others to live up to. This is the first  product review I’ve ever done where the interview is done BEFORE the product even arrives. First rate!

Jeff Rendall, golf the


I really do appreciate everything you’ve done to get this spot done. It should be the most encyclopedic look at custom fitting we’ve ever done.

Dave Lucas, Newschannel 8


You have delivered what you said you would… We are of course pleased with the progress… Great positives for our reps as they start their booking run with the new line and hopefully we will get some consumer response at the golf shop level .. THX for your hard work….

Ron Mcpherson, President

Sonic Golf

The PR Diva. Our message sung loud and clear. Best PR in golf.

Dr. Robert Grober, Founder-Sonic Golf, Inc.

Fairway and Greene

If you’re looking for PR representation in the golfing world – Mary Beth’s the one. After several disappointing experiences with other agencies we’re glad we finally found the best. Mary Beth knows everyone in the golf industry and, just as important, everyone knows her. Among editors and journalists it is well known that Mary Beth only represents the best products and brands which guarantees that they listen if she has something to tell. So if you have an exciting new golf product Mary Beth should be your first choice when it comes to spread the word – if you’re lucky enough that Mary Beth is willing to represent you that is…

Yves Ton-That, Author for Golf Rules Quick Reference

Fairway and Greene

Thanks for all you do for us. You are our secret weapon – you are the best!! Look forward to another great year together, and many more to come.

Todd Martin, President

In my opinion, Mary Beth Lacy is the equivalent of being rescued by a hybrid club. She’s extrememly helpful when I need to call upon her expertise, and always available to lend a hand during tight deadlines.

The main portion of my golf operations is the business side of the game, and Mary Beth Lacy has played and will continue to play a big part in assisting me with sourcing information on every piece of equipment from tee to green.

She’s a personable professional, too – an invaluable resource in this day and age.

Jeffrey Reed, Editor –

…You’re one of the good p.r. folks — one who knows her stuff vs the mass of folks who seem just to selling/snowing me.

Todd Pitock, Forbes Magazine

The Golf Channel

The stuff you sent made it very easy for me to prepare. I especially liked the DVD. The CD-ROM photos will come in handy when I put the presentation together.
Adam Barr, Business Correspondent

Avid Golfer Magazine

Have I told you lately how good you are at your work? I know if I had a product I wanted to promote, you’d be my choice. Providing the interview for me with Bill Bales was above and beyond. Thanks!

Mike Bailey, Avid Golfer Magazine

We treasure our relationship with you and your clients.  Every company you represent is a brand leader, and they make our program more credible by being on.

Dave Lucas, Capital Golf Weekly

Golf Chicago Magazine

I got home from working off-site today for a golf event meeting and there was this lovely box from Adams Golf there with an Insight Driver in it! Sweet. Thank you so much for taking care of this for me…just wanted to write and say thanks so much. You are a most wonderful p.r. rep and take care of all my needs so well.

Sheri L. Warren , Senior Writer, Golf Chicago! Magazine

I appreciate you initially reaching out to me with the P3, as I was unaware of the product despite it being produced in my backyard! Your press release and photos were also a big help.

Sean Weir,

Golf World

You are the best in the business. Thanks!

Mike Johnson, Equipment Editor, Golf World

Golf Digest

I’ve tested Tee Times Live and fell in love with it. You always seem to rep the best companies!

Ron Kaspriske , Golf Digest

You do a superior job in marketing your clients, MB and I have followed your press releases (and resulting press) closely. It’s still rare these days to get a release from which I can cull pertinent information as well as needed ideas, quotes, contact info, the whole ball of wax. No wonder you are so successful; you do it so effortlessly. I suspect your clients have no idea how fortunate they really are.

Chris Duthie, Golf Writer

You’re one of my biggest supporters for my golf section. Your Adams & other materials let me maintain my section with a national brand presence that is consistent. Some of the other OEMs come and go…

Darrel Willman, Editor, Lake of the Ozarks Business Journal

Adams Golf

The equipment side of the golf industry is infamous for it’s intense competition, eight years ago I was determined to increase awareness of Adams Golf and did not have the funds to undertake a large advertising campaign. Undertaking a small advertising effort was a waste of money and by definition small exceeded my meager budget, further there is a great deal of sameness in equipment advertising so the challenge was to find a way to increase exposure and do so in a cost effective manner.

I hadn’t specifically considered PR but when the subject came up the people I knew in the media all gave the same advice – “sign on MB!” So with that introduction I sought her out. When we met I realized she was a professional, further she understood my objectives and being an excellent player she understood what message we were trying to deliver. Over the years she has guided me into many, many opportunities where the resultant media coverage was not only excellent, it was the right kind – not splashy ads but positive comments from industry insiders, people who influenced my ultimate customers. One of the best compliments her efforts ever received were from a competitor who stopped me at the PGA Show saying, ” Barney you must spend a fortune on advertising I read about you everywhere.” Little did he know that I spent very little, but guided by Mary Beth, the money
was wisely invested.

Even now in my semi retirement years we still talk and share ideas. Even if they are philosophical, I’m still talking to a professional
who during our years together has become my friend.

Barney H Adams, Founder

Lovett Golf

As a small start up company, Lovett Golf Company is an OEM in the golf industry. One of our first priorities was to establish brand awareness. To budget monies for traditional advertising would have been expensive and limited in targeting our consumer and creating a brand image.

We were very fortunate in our search for a golf specific PR Firm to have been considered by Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. in Palm Springs, CA.  Mary
Beth had a tremendous challenge introducing Lovett Golf Company to the industry and golf consumer.  First, we were a start up company and second, introducing a non-traditional sand wedge, which had never been offered in the market before, was not an easy task.

Mary Beth, single-handedly, has brought us into ever corner of the industry from pro shops to the major periodicals. Without her expertise we would never have had an opportunity to be so widely recognized.

Her specialty is the golf business and she knows everyone who writes about it. There lies the true difference that makes her stand alone. She has a depth of knowledge and the organization to accomplish her mission for you.  She is dedicated to your best interest.

Jim Stewart, Senior Vice President


It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mary Beth Lacy. We have contracted Mary Beth’s PR services since March 2004 and she has been a critical part in building brand awareness of the Aerotech golf shafts over the past year and a half.

Mary Beth’s contacts in the golf industry and reputation among golf writers are unmatched. The value of her services is nothing less than amazing. Since hiring Mary Beth we have been written about or included in articles in just about ever major Golf publication and website, several times over. I have personally been interviewed by several radio stations around the country and featured on a prominent television show. I firmly believe that we could never have gotten the sheer volume and quality of exposure with any other PR company.

I would recommend Mary Beth Lacy without reservation to become the PR firm for your company.

Chris Hilleary, Vice President

Your clients are a slam dunk. They’re all top notch products and you do a fabulous job of always keeping them on the front burner with us.

Frank LaRosa, Editor for California Golf & LifeStyle Magazine

You are doing your job, and doing it well! I appreciate your diligence. Will let you know when I get a firm yes or no on the story pitches.

Comment attributed to Joe Bargmann – Wall Street Journal, Continental Airlines Magazine