Antigua Golf – Feel and Fashion Forward Performance Fabrics, by John Ehle

Antigua Golf

Feel and Fashion Forward Performance Fabrics

By John Ehle


During a golf season which tested golf courses and players to the breaking point, Antigua’s introduction of their new clothing line qualified as prescient; just in time delivery.

High tech fabric development has been high on Antigua’s priority list and the most recent apparel introductions have emerged as industry paradigm breakers in terms form, feel and fashionable function. Their Desert Dry Extra Lite fabric allowed golf in the most torrid conditions to be carried out comfortably in Thailand, Cambodia and Mexico where temperatures and humidity levels hovered around 100.

These performance fabrics not only move moisture away from one’s body: they provide a sexy, soft feel combined with an esthetically elegant drape which makes a statement about the wearer’s fashion sense.
Then there is the palette. These fashion forward colors have stand-alone autonomy which will disarm even the most unerring eye. Wedgewood/Cobalt and Berry/Bordeaux are beyond the “look at me” intent of some recent introductions by competitors. They are simply gorgeous. Add edgy, tasteful details such as piping and contrast stitching and you have a garment which complements a sport coat on a night out as ably as it does on the 1st tee.
Antigua has made similar efforts with the introduction of their tennis line. Shirts, shorts, outerwear and hats will have you stepping onto the course or court with a renewed spring in your step. Check out Antigua’s new collection at Antigua. You’ll find the value there.