Butch Harmon DVD Should be on your Wish List – Tony Dear, BellinghamGolfer.com – August 2012

By: Tony Dear, for BellinghamGolfer.com

As a golf writer/reporter/journalist/blogger/editor/freeloader, I am  often sent golf-related products to review. Some don’t warrant a whole  page to themselves necessarily while others might not fit neatly into a  certain section. Yet they are all worthy of attention one way or  another, and some of them even your money. If you’re tempted to purchase  them, it’s nice to know if their sticker price represents good value or  if what the marketing bods are saying is just shameless flimflam. Here, then, are some items I’ve been reading, watching and wearing recently that I think you might like.

‘Butch Harmon About Golf’ DVD

There  is very little on this DVD that you haven’t heard or seen before. There  are no variations or secret little tips on how to grip the club or  stand to the ball that you are unaware of. The list of lessons (posture,  fixing a slice, ball above feet, buried lie in bunker, etc) is much the  same as you’ll see on pretty much every other instruction DVD in your  collection (though there aren’t many others I’ve seen that include a  section on how to hit the ‘stinger’).

But, and it is a very big ‘but’, it’s Butch Harmon giving the lessons  here. When someone with Harmon’s knowledge, experience, and credibility  is telling you how to play golf, you listen, assuming you want to  improve. I’d happily take a driving (car) lesson from a talented young teacher  who’s passed all the necessary exams, but I’d rather sit behind the  wheel alongside a guy that’s steered (pun totally intended) 10,000  other students to success during his career.

Harmon isn’t re-inventing  the wheel, but he is giving you a clear route to success and  imparting a wisdom that an impressive list of players (Fred Couples,  Ernie Els, Natalie Gulbis, Dustin Johnson, Greg Norman,  Adam Scott,  Nick Watney, and Tiger Woods) has benefited from in the past. It would behoove you to do what the man says.

Price: $79.95 (plus s&h).

Worth it?: It’s not the cheapest DVD in the world, but it could very well turn out to be the most useful. Available here.