Butch Harmon – Golf.com – February 2, 2012

Butch Harmon on his new DVD, which features more than 250 tips and four hours of instruction

Gary Van Sickle, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

Butch Harmon, one of golf’s best-known instructors, has a new instruction video coming out March 1, “Butch Harmon About Golf presented by Titleist.” The two-DVD set will feature more than 250 specific tips and more than four hours of instruction. 

It’s about time you got some publicity. Tell me about the video.
The video is an accumulation of my whole life in golf, everything I’ve learned. The fun part is, it’s not just instruction. It’s stuff for juniors and women and seniors, and I sit down with all of the great players I’ve worked with and let the average person in on something they’d never hear — what we did and how we did it. There’s instruction, all kinds of tips, all kinds of things that will help people. It’s four hours on two discs, but it’s set up so you can go to any section you want, you don’t have to watch the whole four hours.

That’s a relief.
It flows. The reason I wanted to work with Terry Jastrow, the director, is that he knows golf and he knows me. His attention to detail is phenomenal. It was a year-long process, but it was a passion and a labor of love. I’m very proud of the way it turned out. A lot of times after one of these things comes out, you go, ‘I wish I’d have done this or that differently.’ I didn’t have that this time. This came out really well.

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