Butch Harmon About Golf DVD can improve your golf game – Sun Herald – 10.21.2012

Written by: Tommy Snell, writer for the Sun Herald Newspaper (Biloxi-Gulfport and the Mississippi Gulf Coast)

Golf professionals know “more than one way to skin a cat,” and that’s good for golfers wanting to improve their golf games. Butch Harmon in his About Golf DVD quickly points out that he does not have one method when he teaches. He takes the swing his pupils have and improves on those motions.

His cats happen to be some of the greatest players of all time, but I would contend that his DVD would help beginners and intermediate players more than PGA Tour players. However, advanced players can use the DVD to tweak forgotten fundamentals.

The best teachers are the professionals who mold fundamentals into homegrown golf swings that were born in back yards, living rooms and public driving ranges. Whether Harmon checks alignment for Ernie Els, suggests towel drills to Natalie Gulbis or focuses on the Norman grip, the teacher who is steeped in golf instruction emphasizes posture, ball position, stance, alignment and other basic fundamentals.

Wives and girlfriends who have hinted about new relationships on the golf course might want Butch Harmon’s latest release on the Christmas list. Parents who have juniors interested in the game will benefit from Harmon’s basic approach to every shot. The DVD offers 250 specific tips in 57 chapters.

Nevertheless, nothing replaces hands-on instruction from PGA professionals. Just like classroom teachers and professors improve basic skills learned in textbooks, golf professionals oversee and make clear what golfers read in books and see in instructional videos. The best PGA Tour players seek PGA professionals when they want to fine-tune fundamentals. Amateurs should as well.

Golfers ought to catalogue Harmon’s About Golf as ‘Man Cave’ reference material and should position the DVD in the home periodical section. Harmon “doesn’t believe in any system. There is no one way to swing a golf club.”  He knows how to skin a cat on the practice tee.