Carnoustie Sportswear Debuts Fall ’16 Collection

February 22, 2016

Carnoustie Sportswear Debuts Fall ’16 Collection

IRVINE, CA – Golf apparel manufacturer Carnoustie Sportswear has introduced its Fall ’16 men’s lineup of Mercerized Cotton Knits, Performance Knits, Cotton Suedes and The Mackenzie Collection of cotton outerwear.
Mercerized Cotton Knits
Carnoustie has forged a reputation over the years for making some of the industry’s finest mercerized cotton knits. While many competitors have changed their sourcing

 and/or removed quality from the product, Carnoustie has remained steadfast in
its commitment to offer only the finest quality in mercerized cotton. Accordingly, we still produce in the same factories we have been using for more than 20 years, and we still use only the finest cotton and accessories available. Our buttons are made of real pearl, we triple-mercerize
our fabric, and our collars are made with several plies of yarn and contain Lycra for shape retention.
For Fall ’16, our collection of Mercerized Cotton Knits continues to evolve. Neater, more subtle jacquard patterns and tonal designs are still trending. Stripes are elegantly simple. While many styles are designed with classic knit collars, we are featuring more self fabric collars than ever before. They give the polo an updated, crisp look. Also on trend are retro designs in which a solid collar, placket, sleeves and back  are contrasted with a patterned front panel body fabric. And, we continue to focus on small details that can add interest, such as contrasting button thread, contrasting colors on the underside of collars, and placket construction.
“The simplicity of the patterns with the boldness of color combine to create a collection of knits that stand out in today’s crowded marketplace,” says CEO Marshall Mancillas. “We have consistently given our customer quality he can depend on. When he buys a Carnoustie product he knows that it will be in his wardrobe for a long time, looking as good as the day he bought it. And, he knows that he will be fashionable on and off the course in a Carnoustie polo.”
Performance Knits
Our collection of performance knits continues to gain momentum. Clearly, our strategy of designing a collection of performance knits that merchandise seamlessly with our mercerized cotton knits, and indeed the entire collection, was well received. While our performance collection of polos is designed with an appreciation for the exciting new trends emerging in this market segment, our performance collection remains refined and elegant.
Our collection of performance knits affords us the opportunity to be responsive to today’s trends, and for Fall ’16 we are featuring chest stripes, color blocking, melange yarns and many self fabric collars. For the first time, we are offering a beautiful long-sleeve style in five wonderful melange colors. Our long-sleeve polo has the perfect combination of weight and drape that will make it a favorite first layer in the colder conditions associated with the fall season.
“We are thrilled with the continued enthusiasm that our customers have for our performance styles,” says Mancillas. “Our instincts were well-founded: There is clearly a demand for performance garments that offer the wearability that today’s fibers can offer, but that are styled in a tasteful, timeless fashion. There has been so much interest in this segment of our business that we have rebranded these goods under a new label. Beginning with Fall ’16, these goods will be offered under the ‘Carnoustie TECH’ label that was designed to evoke the active, performance nature of these goods,” added Mancillas.
Cotton Suedes
For many years now, Carnoustie has had the reputation of offering the industry’s finest fleece. We have sourced these goods for more than 20 years with the same factory that simply makes the best fleece available. Others have tried to duplicate our goods and from a distance they seem comparable, but upon closer examination it becomes very apparent that these goods are lacking. For Fall ’16, we have developed wonderful new colors, new handsome jacquard patterns and even some new styles including a modern-yet-retro full-zip jacket with front panels.
“The market has remained very loyal to the Carnoustie cotton suede collection through the years,” says Mancillas. “Despite the competition in this category, these goods have developed and maintained a wonderful following. The extraordinary hand that these

goods offer is a result of a very intricate and proprietary brushing process. It is a more costly process which virtually eliminates the piling we see on lesser quality garment s but nothing else comes close. I am excited to debut the new colors and styles we have developed for Fall ’16. I am confident they will stir some excitement in this category.”

The Mackenzie Collection
The Mackenzie Collection was developed a few seasons ago because sometimes a garme
nt that is a little lighter in weight than our brushed fleece is all you need. This collection just keeps getting more and more popular, and accordingly we have expanded this offering for Fall ’16. In addition to ¼-zip vests and long-sleeve styles, we will offer for Fall ’16 a fun yarn-dyed chest stripe pullover that quickly becomes the centerpiece of every merchandise group. It incorporates most, if not all, of the colors in the merchandise group in a contemporary-yet-tasteful manner. Also new for Fall ’16 is a full-zip jacket with a sporty flat knit detail that runs along the sleeve from the neck to the cuff. Nothing affords easier layering than an easy on/off full-zip jacket, and ours stands out as it is casual yet elegant.
“I have been taken aback by this collection’s immense popularity,” says Mancillas. “But I shouldn’t be surprised. These styles are versatile, offer a perfect year-round weight, and are affordable. So this category deserves to be expanded and that’s just what we did. And, I am confident that the new additions for Fall ’16 will be very well received.”
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