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Artigo Solutions has released its new and free “Global Golf Guide & Logbook” app on the iTunes App Store. Developed by award-winning author Yves C. Ton-That, who wrote the best-selling golf book “Golf Rules Quick Reference” and created the popular “iGolfrules” app that’s officially recommended by Apple, this app was two years in the making. Golfers can easily and quickly find the best courses in their area. They can also rate courses and save course information within the app.


The “Golf Guide & Logbook” app for the iPhone covers two key requirements of golfers: it documents the rounds played and helps with choosing courses for future rounds. Instead of collecting logo balls or other club souvenirs, users always have their personal logbook with them on their iPhone. They can also rate courses they’ve played and, thanks to the pool of ratings, they know which courses are worth playing. All of this can be shared with friends.


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