Interview: Martin Golf Apparel – – March 27, 2012

Rick Martin: Founder, Martin Golf Apparel

Written by: Robert Blumenthal

Rick Martin has had a long and distinguished career in the golf apparel industry. The founder of Fairway & Greene sold that company several years ago and then got the itch to get back into the business. He and his daughter, Teri, launched Martin Golf Apparel in 2011, selling 100% Pima cotton shirts to the private golf club market.

I had a telephone conversation with Rick in early January of this year which follows below. Then we met in person at the PGA Show in Orlando where I was able to sample the Martin Golf Apparel goods myself. Let me tell you: Rick’s Peruvian Pima is primo!

Golf Conversations: I saw your website with your video. You’ve got some beautiful golf shirts.Rick Martin: Everyone asks me, why, at my advanced stage in life, why would I be interested in coming back into the business? So I had to do that video to keep the questions at a minimum.

GC: Or to show everybody you were still alive.


RM: Exactly! I’ve been sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons for the last five years.


It never gets out of your system. I’ve been in the apparel business my whole life. I stand for a particular taste level and thank goodness there are still people out there that respect and understand what I try to do. It’s been gratifying; we launched in July and planned to start delivering in January for spring. But we had such interest that we accelerated delivery to November and we’ve already gotten re-orders from several major clubs.

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