Martin Golf Apparel – “Gift Ideas for Golfers for the Holidays 2012, Martin Sweaters” –

‘Tis the Season: Gift Ideas for the Holidays — Martin Sweaters.

By Kim D. McHugh, Associate Editor

It isn’t too early to start thinking about what to give (or to receive) as a holiday gift. With Hanukkah starting in early December and Christmas about two months away, why not consider a gorgeous sweater from Martin Golf Apparel?

Classic Models, Diverse Fabrics.

Rick Martin, who founded Fairway & Greene in 1995, then sold the firm in 2006, re-entered the marketplace in 2011. From the get go his apparel was very well received by golfers and pro shop merchandisers for its quality, styling, proprietary finishing process and offerings.

“We offers sweaters in three fabrications, 100% Pima Cotton, Baby Alpaca from Peru and Baruffa Merino Wool from Italy,” explained Martin. “By featuring classic models such as long sleeve V-necks, button front waistcoats, crewnecks and three button polos, golfer have numerous ways to add to their wardrobe.”

Hand-linked, Not Machine Woven.

When I picked up a sweater crafted using 70% Alpaca and 30% wool, what struck me was how soft and supple it felt. As evidence of the lengths Martin Golf Apparel goes to infuse quality in its products, all of its Intarsia sweaters are hand linked instead of fashioned by machines. Though the unique process is time consuming and thereby more costly, the result is worth it.

“My idea of golf fashion is rooted in watching legends like Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan, gentlemen who always looked well put together, but never contrived,” Martin added. “To that end, my goal is to create elegant, stylish but versatile garments that are related, but can be worn with anything.

Studying the cuffs, weave around the V-neck and edge along the bottom of the sweater, I could see that the level of finish was exceptional. What was especially appealing to me as a Colorado golfer was that the sweater wasn’t bulky, rather “thin” so it was great for layering when worn over a short sleeve golf shirt.

Natural Fibers, Natural Colors.

In keeping with Martin’s longtime philosophy of creating apparel that’s both traditional and timeless, the company’s collections, including sweaters, continue its focus on not only natural fibers, but what Martin calls “natural colors” as well.

“Our color palette is something I’ve developed over a lifetime of experience in the apparel business,” Martin commented, “I’m proud that focus on traditional colors is among the things I’m known for.”

Martin’s line, which also includes shirts, windvests and windsweaters with a proprietary windstopper liner, is only sold in private golf club pro shops. Sweaters retail between $170 – $240.