Miura Launches 007 Putter, by John Ehle

Miura Launches 007 Putter

By John Ehle

Adam Barr has been the president of Miura golf for nearly two years. During that time Miura has introduced a number of golf clubs to the Japanese-based Miura product line, including putters, wedges, drivers, hybrids and several additions/revisions to their line of world-famous forged irons.

Mr. Barr is reluctant to claim credit for these new products and, rather, suggests that new products come from Katsuhiro Miura (Miura-san) the patriarch of the Miura family or from one of his sons. Himeji, Japan is the steel-producing area of that country and it is said to have been the source of the craftsmen who were responsible for producing the swords of the samurai. Miura-san is a literally hands-on owner and observers in the industry say that his are “the hands of God”.

Mr. Miura was with Mr. Barron a five day visit to the U.S. and was asked if he missed doing the final grinding during the production of their clubs. His response was, “Yes, very much. In fact it takes me a few days to re-establish my comfort with the process when I get back”.

Miura forged golf clubs are crafted from high quality, low carbon steel. Billets are cut and heated to a very high temperature then hammered into the shape of the club by a machine  which is the size of a Volkswagen stood on end. If you go to the Miura website you can witness this process. The massive force of the hammer pushes the grain  of the steel close together, making it very dense and, of course, heavier. The process and product can be visualized by imaging two identical glass jars, one filled with marbles and one with sand.

Miura’s goal is to create golf clubs which result in the “purity of the strike” which when experienced travels from the clubhead and through the shaft into the hands and arms of the person wielding the golf club. This is when the buttery feel of quality forged clubs is created.

Miura’s most recent project was to create the world’s finest forged and milled mallet putter. The KM-007 is the result. Made from the same low carbon steel, the 007 weighs in at 360 grams. With a 72 degree lie and a 4 degree loft, this putter is an inspiration when you stand over it. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing work of art, the artisanal workmanship and engineering which has gone into its production affords the golfer the opportunity to experience the aforementioned “purity of the strike” with each stroke.

It resists twisting and builds confidence as the ball seems to glide away from the exquisitely milled clubface. The quality of this putter is difficult to describe other than to say that it is a matter of aesthetics lending form to function. Whether lagging a 40′ putt or knocking in a pesky 4 footer, the KM-007 will inspire confidence and fire your passion to use this extraordinary putter again and again.