Story Telling

The greatest strength to Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. is old fashioned story telling. We deliver articles that are fresh, authentic reviews about our client’s products. The reviews are a result of strategic planning on who we ask to write, when they write and the testing of the product. Much work is done before the story, but the story is delivered time and time again and the product is the hero.

In a world where journalism has been squeezed down to a few sentences, we strive to deliver “meaty” detailed stories. We believe that there is more to PR than press releases and press release posts. Good PR is honest detailed stories, where media folks get to test and evaluate products in their reviews.

Great story telling is an ancient and compelling force that will never go away and will always influence the consumer. Story telling is our greatest stregth.

Media Placement & Management

Our greatest corporate asset at Mary Beth Lacy, Inc., is our networking strength. Our close relationships and earned trust with thousands of editors and writers from key national, international, regional and local golf publications and newspapers, as well as broadcast personnel from important television and radio stations, allows us to achieve consistent client placement. We are renowned for our quick, effective distribution of our clients’ press releases, announcements and other communications. To accomplish this, our firm utilizes two main streams; general, widespread wire-service distribution and custom, one-to-one contact with journalists.

  • Wire service distribution to online databases, major newswires, top newspapers and trade publications, including both print and broadcast, is delivered through local, regional and national real-time news distributors.
  • Custom media database management includes the creation of highly targeted lists of journalists — updated constantly — specific to each client.
  • Individual pitch calls are made to place stories and break news, and provide a positive spin to even negative news
  • Editorial Calendar postings to a targeted listing of upcoming features or special issues.

With over 20 years of Public Relations experience, Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. specializes in the following services:

  • New Product Launches
  • Media Events
  • Press conferences
  • Preparation of Media Materials Including
  • Press Kits
  • Press Releases
  • Photo Sessions
  • Radio/TV Interviews
  • Newspaper interviews
  • Internet, Tv, Radio and Magazine article placement
  • Product photography placements
  • Product photoshoots

Research & Writing

Our press releases include extensive industry research, first drafts and multiple edits. We require accessibility to our clients’ marketing collateral, guidance on key messages and access to key principals for quotation purposes. We typically use industry research and competitive analysis to pinpoint and shape news value.

Social Media Content Management

In addition to PR services, Mary Beth Lacy, Inc offers a Social Media Component as an add-on service. Mary Beth Lacy, Inc has an in-house staff member in charge of creating, updating, and maintaining client’s social media on a daily basis.

Leverage the extensive golf industry experience of Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. to manage your social media outreach. By complimenting public relations services with a measured and prudent social media mix you will optimize the strength of your message through our social media services, which not only enlarge your online footprint, but will do so with the sole purpose of meeting your business objectives.


Starting with a social media audit, Mary Beth Lacy, Inc., will produce a tailored plan for integrating the appropriate social media into your existing communications practices. Then, we will provide a regular flow of engaging content (words, photos, links, videos, surveys, etc.) to your followers. We will monitor your social media communication engagement to produce “Interaction Reports” – with ongoing analysis to meet agreed upon communications objectives.

From a tactical perspective, Mary Beth Lacy, Inc., will socialize your content in support of your communications objectives – whether that be by increasing your bottom line or promoting ideas and/or positioning issues. We discuss the measures of success, your risks and risk management, and ROI realities. With on-going monitoring and analysis activities, execution of a social media strategy becomes an iterative process, connecting your brand with your target audiences.

Effective social media content services include:

  • Audit current social media efforts and develop a plan to integrate existing communications and web content into social media accounts
  • Creation and management of social media accounts via, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube where appropriate
  • Cross pollinate customer communications between all platforms, using unique, platform specific language
  • Moderate comments and develop content so that you are an active participant
  • Continuous monitoring of your social communications and production of interaction reports
  • Suggestions to meet the stated communications objectives

For information on how Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. can help get your story heard in the golf world, please contact Mary Beth Lacy at 760-346-6942.