Sunice – – November 20, 2011

The name “Sunice” embodies the challenges of shoulder season

Written by: Kiel Christianson, for

Yesterday in my neck of the woods, the temperature was in the low- to mid-forties, and the wind was a brisk 15-20 mph. On my way to my home course, charcoal-gray, irascible clouds began to spit at my windshield.

But a 9 a.m. tee time awaited, and I hadn’t been out to play in nearly three weeks.

Luckily, the day before, my new Sunice Bollon wind jacket ($200) had arrived, and I had had the foresight to put on a couple of relatively thin layers underneath it, to boot, so I was feeling pretty snug.

Long story short, I stayed warm and dry – both inside and out – the entire round; no wind came in, and any perspiration vented out. Moreover, the long list of complaints I normally have about golf outerwear was whittled down by the Sunice Bollon to a nearly non-existent couple of minor bullet points.

The Sunice Bollon is constructed from breathable laminate fabric that stretches, so it is completely silent – no crinkling on my backswing to distract me from the cracking and popping of my own joints and spine.

The cuffs are adjustable and snug, but not so tight that they pulled during the swing. The adjustability makes a huge difference on this count.

The pocket zippers were smooth, and the pockets deep enough to keep things from falling out even if I left them unzipped. A nice touch is a ball-cleaning cloth attached inside one of the front pockets.

Finally, the fabric was soft enough, especially around the neck, to eliminate irritation from rubbing on my oft-stubbly neck and chin.

My only complaints are relatively petty, and based more on my own personal biases rather than anything I would consider to be wider trends among golfers. The soft fabric has a tendency to catch on my sometimes rough, weather-worn fingers, which I find sort of irritating. And the front zipper is on the left side, rather than the right (which is where they usually are, right?). I’ll just chalk that up to Sunice’s European roots.

These quibbles aside, the Sunice Bollon is ideal for “shoulder seasons” – spring and fall, when the weather changes practically from hole to hole, but the true stalwart golfers are still playing. I for one will be wearing the Bollon until snow not only falls, but sticks on the greens.

The Sunice Bollon is a high-performance shield against changeable shoulder-season weather.

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