Tommy Hilfiger – Golf Vacations Magazine – August 2011

By: Terry Ross for Golf Vacations Magazine


Tommy Hilfiger – Eat Play Stay Magazine – September 2011

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AUR – Golf Vacations Magazine – December 2011

Written by: Terry Ross, for Golf Vacations Magazine.

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AUR – Rocky Mountain Golf – November 30, 2011

‘Tis the Season to Give AUR Apparel.

By Kim D. McHugh, Associate Editor


If you’re pondering what to give (or get as the perfect Christmas gift) this holiday season, you ought to add A.U.R. apparel to your list. The company’s sporty line of clothes make golfers look fabulous on and off the course. Owned by the same firm in Canada behind Sunice Outerwear, AdamsGolf and Storm Pack, AUR knows a thing or two about golf fashion, distinctive styles and durability.

Choose from Three Distinct Lines.

The A.U.R. Active Collection goes beyond good looks by also focusing on east of movement and other advantages. The polos in this line feature a polyester double-knit Dri-Max™. These shirts combine the stretch of Spandex with synthetic fibers to create a strong, crease resistant fabric that is quick drying, soft to the touch and “trained” to maintain its shape. The A.U.R. Authentic Collection is the home for the company’s more traditional golf inspired assortment of sweaters, vests, pants and shorts. Classic styling is the hallmark of this line. AUR Aware is a line where the attention is on both style and having less impact on the planet.

Environmentally Responsible Fabrics.

Using fabrics such as EcoSmart™, E-Tech™ and Cocona™, A.U.R. is able to not only produce apparel that looks good, the clothing is also good to Mother Earth. Made from recycled polyester yarn, which is created from plastic post-consumer based products, EcoSmart fabric is known for its ability to dry quickly, manage moisture and combat odor. E-Tech, a fabric made by combining fibers derived from bamboo and polyester or cotton, gives apparel a feeling that is softer than cotton. Cocona technology relies on recycled coconut shells to create fabrics that provide evaporative cooling, odor absorption and UV protection.

Layering — Polo Anyone?

Whether wearing a polo from the Galliano, Borolo, Blue Curacao, Black Russion or Absolute Blue color families, you now have the foundation for a stylish round of golf. Add a classic long sleeve or sleeveless V-neck knit vest and you’re even better prepared for a shift in temps. Complete your wardrobe with a French terry pullover, a windproof, lined zip sweater or a performance softshell jacket and you’re good to go no matter the weather forecast.

A Myriad of Colors for Spring 2012.

An assortment of cool greys and black mixed with additional bright blasts of color speak to the options for men. For women, the fashion driven Urban Garden collection showcases bright Peony paired with plaid bottoms featuring A.U.R.’s new slim cut plaid Capri. Water Trace features Blue Glass with Black accents to provide a sporty, fun look, while Skylight is all about the fashion girl who loves trendy prints.

To do your holiday shopping log on to, golf4her or The 13th Green.


AUR – – 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

By: TJ Auclair, for

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Mary Beth Lacy

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Sunice – – November 20, 2011

The name “Sunice” embodies the challenges of shoulder season

Written by: Kiel Christianson, for

Yesterday in my neck of the woods, the temperature was in the low- to mid-forties, and the wind was a brisk 15-20 mph. On my way to my home course, charcoal-gray, irascible clouds began to spit at my windshield.

But a 9 a.m. tee time awaited, and I hadn’t been out to play in nearly three weeks.

Luckily, the day before, my new Sunice Bollon wind jacket ($200) had arrived, and I had had the foresight to put on a couple of relatively thin layers underneath it, to boot, so I was feeling pretty snug.

Long story short, I stayed warm and dry – both inside and out – the entire round; no wind came in, and any perspiration vented out. Moreover, the long list of complaints I normally have about golf outerwear was whittled down by the Sunice Bollon to a nearly non-existent couple of minor bullet points.

The Sunice Bollon is constructed from breathable laminate fabric that stretches, so it is completely silent – no crinkling on my backswing to distract me from the cracking and popping of my own joints and spine.

The cuffs are adjustable and snug, but not so tight that they pulled during the swing. The adjustability makes a huge difference on this count.

The pocket zippers were smooth, and the pockets deep enough to keep things from falling out even if I left them unzipped. A nice touch is a ball-cleaning cloth attached inside one of the front pockets.

Finally, the fabric was soft enough, especially around the neck, to eliminate irritation from rubbing on my oft-stubbly neck and chin.

My only complaints are relatively petty, and based more on my own personal biases rather than anything I would consider to be wider trends among golfers. The soft fabric has a tendency to catch on my sometimes rough, weather-worn fingers, which I find sort of irritating. And the front zipper is on the left side, rather than the right (which is where they usually are, right?). I’ll just chalk that up to Sunice’s European roots.

These quibbles aside, the Sunice Bollon is ideal for “shoulder seasons” – spring and fall, when the weather changes practically from hole to hole, but the true stalwart golfers are still playing. I for one will be wearing the Bollon until snow not only falls, but sticks on the greens.

The Sunice Bollon is a high-performance shield against changeable shoulder-season weather.

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AUR – – December 2011

Written by: Ed Stone, for

Mary Beth Lacy


Radio: Interview with AUR President Mark Fletcher, on Speaking of Golf – December 2011

Interview by: Tom Horan

AUR/Mark Fletcher interview starts at the 10:21 mark of the show:


Tommy Hilfiger – – December 2011

Press Release: Tommy Hilfiger Fresh Perspective Classic American Golf Cool

Posted on December 17, 2011 by Mo’Golf (Ron Montesano)

For the Spring 2012 Tommy Hilfiger golf collection, the same design philosophy of bringing a fresh perspective to Classic American Cool styling was adhered to and the result is a collection true to the Tommy Hilfiger heritage and true to golf.  Making this brand appeal to the golf consumer meant designing a line that truly displays golf sportswear that can be worn on and off the golf course.

As golf has evolved over the centuries, so has the apparel worn for golf.  Traditionally a cotton driven category, golf wear has followed suit with the emergence of the vast variety of technical apparel that now has a strong place in the golf market.  To be a true player in this category, an approach of bringing technical fabrics to this collection was imperative.

The end result is an offering that features strong Classics essential for any golf wardrobe and an assortment of Fashion Collections that truly deliver “Preppy with a Twist” to the fairways and greens.

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Two Shirts I’m Dying To Try: Antigua & Tommy Hilfiger – – December 2011

Two Shirts I’m Dying To Try: Antigua & Tommy Hilfiger

by: Ron MontesanoBelleair

Wouldn’t you know that Antigua and Tommy Hilfiger would debut new shirts as the snow settled down a second time across the Niagara Frontier? Wouldn’t you know that a writer buddy would text from Belleair Country Club in Clearwater,Florida,  with tales of two Donald Ross courses on a day inflexibly benched in the mid-70s, coated with sunshine? Stinks to be me!

I will tell you about these sergeants, however. I’ll def be sporting them in the domes around these parts, all winter long, until I can break them out for some Spring golf in the region.


Tommy GolfThe Tommy Hilfiger shirts come in two styles: TH Tech and TH Comfort Tech. The former are principally a polyester, wicking affair, with attention given to antimicrobial elimination of odor. The latter focus on … you guessed it: comfort. Cotton is spun into the poly for a more traditional, softer feel (versus the sleek-like-a-speedboat sensation that the TH Tech affords.)

Antigua Desert Dry

The Antigua shirts, born of the hot and dry climate of Arizona, project a shimmery feel that one might associate with the sand and scrub. Desert Dry, in fact, is the name of the Antigua product lines for 2012. Divided into Desert Dry and Desert Dry Lite, both sub-lines float above the skin without weighing you down as you swing.


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