Golf Digest, Tip of the Week – Oct 16th: Butch Harmon

Here is another tip of the week from Golf Digest – Butch Harmon’s to to Eliminate All Chunks – see below.  Mary Beth

Hitting it fat out of the rough is a product of the backswing. If you make your normal swing, keeping the club low to the ground going back, you’ll come down too shallow and catch the grass behind the ball. To avoid this, make a steeper takeaway, hinging your wrists quicker from the start (left). This sets up a sharp descent back to the ball for clean contact. Open the face slightly at address, aim left, and hold your wrists firm through impact. You’ll catch it flush and hit a little fade. —Butch Harmon, Golf Digest Teaching Professional

Golf Digest, Tip of the Week, Oct 10th: Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon was featured in Golf Digest’s Tip of the Week eBlast Newsletter, highlighted is a tip from Butch on how to break a putt.

Here’s what amateurs do wrong on breaking putts: They might read the right amount of break, but when they get over the ball, they look at the hole. When you do that, your aim shifts that way. Instead, think of every putt as straight to the high point of the line, or the apex. That’s my focus point. If I get it there, the slope will do the rest. One more thing: The center of the hole shifts based on break (left). Imagine the hole as a clockface: The center is 6 o’clock on a straight putt, and adjust accordingly for break. —Butch Harmon, Golf Digest Teaching Professional

Henry-Griffitts – Golf Digest Magazine – August 2012



Tommy Hilfiger – Golf Digest Magazine – March 2012

By: Marty Hackel for Golf Digest Magazine


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Miura – Golf Digest – April 10, 2012

Miura Golf introduces ‘compact’ 460cc driver

Written By: John Strege

Miura Golf is a small, but distinguished company known for the quality of its forged irons. Not as well known is that it has a full line of equipment, which includes its newest driver offering, the SIT-460, that it calls “the most compact 460cc [driver] in golf.”

So how can a 460cc driver be anything but a 460cc driver, or more to the point, how can it be considered compact? The answer is with its shaping. Read More


Tommy Hilfiger – Golf Digest – March 2012

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Martin Golf Apparel – Golf Digest – March 2012

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