Tommy Hilfiger Golf Review on October 2012

Tommy Hilfiger Golf Apparel Holds Up Under Trial

New styles and fabrics lend a trendy new look and feel to the Tommy Golf apparel line, holding up under close scrutiny.

Review by:  Rebecca Case,


There’s nothing worse than paying $50 for a new golf shirt, only to find out that it fades in the wash the first time through – and then shrinks in the dryer to further mock you. It is with that bitter memory in mind that I decided to put another of golf’s many designer brands to the test to see how Tommy Hilfiger Golf truly performs – both on and off the golf course.

Isn’t it great to unwrap stuff that you’ve ordered in the mail? It’s like a Christmas present that you already peeked at, but want badly enough that you don’t have to pretend to be excited when it comes time to open it. So when my new Tommy Golf shirt arrived in the mail, I was as eager as a little kid to try in on for size.

The top I ordered was light blue and sleeveless – perfect for hot Phoenix summers. The label was printed on heavy cardstock with gold print, boasting all of the shirt’s fine features, such as: moisture management, high-speed wicking, antimicrobial technology and odor control. Yep: all good things for golf. What really counts isn’t the pretty packaging, however. It’s how well the product really delivers on those promises that makes or breaks a review. Below the Tommy Golf line has been reviewed on its style, cut and fit, performance, durability, value and then given an overall score and final impression rating to help you decide if the Tommy Golf line is right for you.


My first impression of the Tommy top was that it was kind of plain. However, after unwrapping it all the way and turning it over a bit, I came to think of it as more versatile than plain.

Tommy’s current slogan for their golf line is “Preppy with a Twist.” I’m not sure what the twist is, but the top was definitely preppy.

The color was such that it could easily be paired with any bottoms, making it an easy choice to grab in a pinch. After browsing online, I found that is the case with the entire line. They have set out to choose colors and patterns that are visually appealing, without being overwhelming or using colors that are overly bold.

Additionally, the small but distinct logo didn’t interfere with the style, but rather was placed discreetly on the bottom left corner of the shirt. I like this placement because it doesn’t scream who designed your clothes, instead allowing the fashion to speak for itself.

Score: 17/20

Cut and Fit

Every designer has a different idea of the ideal body type, so you never know what you’re going to get when you order online. Additionally, many women’s golf brands go for a little extra bulk to allow room for golf swing movement, occasionally making the fit unflattering. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, when the size small top I ordered fit like my idea of a size small top should.

The Tommy Golf top was just the right length so that when I do a full swing rotation, my midriff doesn’t make any sudden appearances. This is good for more than just golf. It’s also the current fashion to have your top drape a few inches below the waist line.

Even though sleeveless, Tommy Golf tops are cut in such a way as to provide full shoulder coverage, which allows the wearer flexibility to sport the top in the office, on the golf course or just shuttling the kids to and from school. The cut lends quite a bit of versatility.

Score 19/20


In case you’ve never had the misfortune to visit in the summer, let me just share with you that Phoenix is hot. So all of those manufacturing promises of great technology and moisture wicking were indeed top of my list when trying out the Tommy Golf brand.

The good news: this is by far one of the most comfortable tops I’ve ever worn golfing in Phoenix. Part of it has to do with the sleeveless cut, but I additionally never felt that my shirt was ever moist or sticking to me. I cannot speak to any microbes or odor control (I didn’t push my luck and skip the deodorant, sorry folks), but I think the most important element of keeping the wearer cool and dry were definitely met, which earns high marks from me.

I also think it bears repeating that the cut of the shirt was long enough to fully cover the midriff, which is important when completing a golf swing rotation. The cut performed well in that are as well.

Score 20/20


New clothes always get treated better than the ones you’ve had for awhile, but eventually everything accidentally gets tossed in the wash when it was meant to be sent to the cleaner, or shoved in the dryer when it was supposed to be laid flat. The good news is that manufacturers generally label your clothes with one step above and beyond what you really need to do to take care of your clothes properly. For instance, if the label says to hand wash only, you can often get away with the gentle cycle on your machine.

The Tommy Golf brand labeled their apparel precisely how it needs to be cared for, however. Like all good new clothes owners, I read the tag and initially did a good job of snatching the top out of the machine and laying it flat to dry. But then I got sloppy in our relationship. I really should have remembered to take my top out for a nice seafood dinner and call it in the morning, but alas, it ended up in the dryer with the rest of the load, and got a bit cranky because of the mistreatment.

The good news is that the top did not shrink in the dryer. The bad news is that it did develop a little unraveling along the inside seam. A few more times through the wash and pretty much the entire inner edge looked like this. Thankfully, that’s as far as things went.
I have used this top both on and off the golf course, washed it numerous times and even had to use stain remover on it. It still looks brand new (on the outside, which is ultimately what matters), with no fading, shrinkage or stretching. Oh ya, one more thing – it’s not prone to wrinkle either.

Score 16/20


Manufacturers throw out a lot of techy terms meant to sway the customer these days, but what impresses me most is getting a product that lives up to its price tag. I don’t like feeling swindled or shortchanged, which is why I have to look at all the above categories and how they were scored before I can properly rate the value.

The question is: Would I buy another Tommy Golf top in the future?

The answer is yes, but I’d personally look for a sale. Their website is full of clearance golf apparel for those willing to wait until the off season to make a purchase. But, who knows, if I was in a golf shop tomorrow and found a Tommy Golf top that I just had to have, given my positive experience with the brand from the above review, I might just purchase it at full price on the spot.

Score 18/20


Tommy Golf has come a long way from the traditional standard cotton shirt and pants. Its integration of new fabric technologies has lent the brand a whole new versatility in its design abilities and increased the comfort of its clothes by leap and bounds.The fit and durability of the clothes held up under much use and lazy care, which is important when you are a busy person.

Additionally, the cut and style of the line allowed me to wear the top for more than just golf, which is nice if you’re planning to go to work on the same day that you golf.Overall, Tommy Golf held up surprisingly well and will be on my watch list of golf apparel brands in the future.

Overall Tommy Golf Score    90/100


The Tommy Golf brand just announced the release of its Spring 2013 line, which will feature three unique looks. The first delivery draws inspiration from the wide open Arizona desert with a neutral palette that emphasizes strong graphic details. Pieces include lightweight cardigans, cotton zip-neck sweaters, shorts and classic slacks. Delivery two incorporates the unique summer vibe of Bar Harbor. Nautical stripes, Sleeveless polo shirtdresses and red, white and blue plaid pants give a classic New England shoreline vibe. Inspired by the sun and sand of Palm Beach, the final delivery features shades of sun washed yellows, pinks, blues, and greens paired with subtle patterns.Through a license agreement with The Fletcher Leisure Group, the men’s and women’s golf lines are available in the U.S., Canada and Europe at private and public golf clubs, golf specialty stores, sport specialty stores, select resorts and online.

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